Senior paralegals at the apex of their career are often frustrated when lateraling to a new position in a different city. Their career growth has usually come from a lot of trust attorneys have in their abilities. When they move to a new city and apply for openings, typically those roles are taken by others who, like them, have worked their way up. They usually have to lateral to a mid-level position and start that process over a bit. It takes patience. The bigger the city, the easier it is. 

We often hear push back from law firm clients about legal support candidates not having their state specific experience. It can sometimes lead to decreases in compensation (depending on which market you are leaving and entering, of course) and a reluctance to hire due to the learning curve. There are ways that you can overcome many of these objections, but it takes thoughtful preparation. 

We recommend starting by researching the practice specific differences between your states and educating yourself on the filing procedures. By referencing these specifics during your interview, you can show that you have already started doing the work to make for a successful transition into your new market. It is also helpful to know specific information about the firm that may not be available through internet research. You can use this information to sell yourself by focusing on the similarities that make you valuable, such as the type of document management or time keeping software. Having a knowledgeable recruiter involved to assist with providing this type of information can be extremely helpful at this stage of the interview process!