These past few months, we have encountered some issues with workplaces who have a poorly defined policy on masks and other measures to prevent COVID-19.  For some, it is contributing to employees resigning and for others, it is making for an awkward first interview.   

Our clients navigating this the best are those who put the candidate and their preferences first. By asking us to talk to the candidate about which type of interview setting they feel most comfortable with, you can rest assure that you will have the candidates full attention and engagement during the interview. That way, we can set the expectation up front and avoid any surprises that may interfere with the interviewee making their best impression. Some candidates feel interviewing in a mask when conversing with multiple interviewers is distracting and a difficult communication barrier to overcome. How many times are you comfortable asking someone to repeat themselves if it is difficult to hear them through their mask? Well, that can leave a lot of room for missed information or misinterpretations that can cost a candidate a dream job or employers a future superstar. A video interview can save a lot of guesswork by equalizing the playing field and allowing for conversations to flow smoothly. While in the past we have seen that an in-person interview provides a better opportunity for a candidate and client to get to know one another, we have come to find that it is just the opposite during a pandemic. We have found Zoom interviews have proven to be the most successful format for the current times because there are no masks hiding facial expressions, no strange pause where a handshake is usually extended, fewer interruptions to the flow of conversation, and less room for misunderstanding while trying to hear through masks.